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14 Oktober 2023

De Mixx

Selection Blues Challenge

Finalists Belgian Blues Challenge 2023 are known


On October 14, the live final of the Belgian Blues Challenge will take place at VTC de Mixx in Herselt. This event is a production of the (Ge)Varenwinkel Festival but is being coordinated for the first time by our brand new non-profit organisation Belgian Blues Federation (BBF).

A team around the board members of the BBF judged all the participating bands on originality, vocal and

instrumental talent, stage presence and 'blues content'. This pre-selection yielded eight finalists.

The order in which they will play their sets during the finals was decided by drawing lots:


The Blue Chevy's

David Ronaldo & The Dice

Peddlin' Pete

Thomas Frank Hopper

Travellin' Blue Kings

Stef Paglia Trio


Dirty 5


We warmly congratulate our eight finalists. With this line-up, it promises to be a breathtaking final.

By the way, we thank all the bands who applied for the Belgian Blues Challenge. Your enthusiasm proves that

the blues is alive and well in Belgium.

As the BBF is a member of both the European Blues Union and The Blues Foundation, Belgium can

deploy the winners to the European Blues Challenge in Portugal in 2024 and the International Blues

Challenge in Memphis in 2025.

The Belgian Blues Federation aims to promote the blues in Belgium, foster cooperation among organisations and musicians, facilitate access to information about and contacts in the blues and act as an open forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise among its members.

The coordination of the Belgian Blues Challenge 2023 is our first official activity. More initiatives will follow in the future, such as a blues in the schools project, Belgian Blues Awards and a Belgian Blues Relief Fund.

Want to know more?

• 0477/442.703 (for questions about the Belgian Blues Challenge)

• 0478/306.325 (for questions about the Belgian Blues Federation)

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